En Route: Notes on Culture
En Route: Notes on Culture

Episode 28 · 1 month ago



Is America facing a coming collapse? Is it facing a coup? There is talk and fear about our democracy. Donald Trump ‘s hold on the GOP is tighter than ever and he plans to run again for President in 2024. Moves by Trump and the Republican Party aim to delegitimize American democracy. Is this inevitable? Is it a tempest in a teapot? Dennis opines about the future of America and how our cloudy political future is tied to the complacency of American Society.

Ross Douthat’s Article

Article from Dispatch on AZ

Mona Charen Article in Bulwark

For All Mankind Article

Threats to Election Workers

The GOP base is the problem by David French

GOP and political violence by David French

Will Saletan Article

It’s Time To Build by Marc Andreesen

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